Resort Vacations

Tips for a Resort Vacation

How to prepare

Especially if you’ve never traveled before, preparing for your resort vacation can be a daunting task. Fortunately, a few simple, universal tips can help make things easier and provide priceless peace of mind.

  • Be aware of exactly what is included at your resort. Often, the term “all-inclusive” does not literally mean all-inclusive. Examine their list of provided amenities to ensure you’ll have everything required for a stress-free trip.
  • Plan to take extra money. Not only might you find the perfect souvenir or attraction, but specialty resort drinks can also run a pretty penny. If you’re trying to remain frugal, be prepared to skip the cocktails and go with non-alcoholic fare.
  • Though resorts cater to tourists, it’s polite to brush up on local culture and etiquette. If you’re visiting a country with a very different culture than the US, being able to conduct yourself and express gratitude in an appropriate manner will make you a classy traveler.
  • Keep an open mind! The best trips have a little spontaneity, even if you’ve got a lot to do at your resort. Try not to cram your schedule with massages and take some time to enjoy the scenery and simply relax.

What to pack

Depending on your destination, plans and duration of stay, the items you’ll need to take with you can vary significantly. However, there are a few resort vacation staples you’ll want to make sure you have on hand.

  • First-aid kit with hand sanitizer – no one wants to get sick or be unprepared for cuts and scrapes on vacation!
  • Devices, cameras and chargers – to capture and share memories with family and friends
  • Insulated thermos – to keep hot or cold beverages on hand
  • Sunscreen/sunglasses – no matter the weather, protect your skin!
  • Activity apparel (e.g. swimsuits, hiking boots) – bring duplicates, if you can; you don’t want to forget these!


Even in a luxury resort, safety is number one when traveling. Follow these tips to stay on the side of caution.

  • Always keep cards and money close to you. You may want to invest in a specialized travel wallet like a money belt, a flat fanny-pack that gets tucked underneath clothing.
  • Know the emergency exits and storm shelters in your resort. Should the worst happen, you’ll want to be able to get to those as quickly as possible.
  • Keep children near you and informed about emergency information. Always keep your room door locked, and tell children only to open the door for mommy or daddy.
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